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Based on Tier III Classifications


Modular Design
Starting at 500 kW IT blocks

High-Speed Data Traffic

Redundant IP Connection


On-Site Service


Renewable Energy*
*subject to clients needs


Locations in
Europe within 5 years

For hyperscalers & enterprises

AQ Compute meets the increasing demand from companies and organizations undergoing IT transformation. Our data centers are part of Europe’s critical infrastructure within metropolitan areas.

AQ Compute provides interconnected and secure infrastructures worldwide. Our data centers entail powerful and scalable solutions that can be fully customized. Clients are able to choose any type of colocation within a fully available portfolio of high-quality solutions that meet the needs of data centers today and in the future.

  • Colocation
  • Built-to-suit
  • Additional services


AQ Compute will offer colocation space at a range of European locations where the demand for IT services is increasing faster than in traditional data center hubs. Our offering covers the basic principles of a data center colocation space: security, reliability and connectivity while providing the assurance of data carbon reduction.

Key points of our colocation spaces:

  • Flexibility: in cooling technologies, in power densities, in spacing options, in reliability
  • Scalability: our modular design allows flexibility as a client’s needs grow, starting at 500 kW IT blocks (smaller capacities are available via our preferred resellers)
  • Locations: our goal is 15 sites, across Europe, within the next five years. The offer of multiple sites will be suitable for framework agreements
  • Reliability and security: we can offer the right service level agreement (SLA) to meet your business needs. 24/7 personnel on site and a high-level secured perimeter
  • Connectivity: access to the closest neutral points and direct connections to the main cloud providers, cross-connects and private fiber connections
  • On-site service: 24/7 remote hands that can be delivered in fractions of hours
  • Monitoring services: we show you real-time the conditions of your data center room, as if it was on your own premises, delivering live PUE values for your ESG reports
  • AQ Compute experience: common rooms for meetings, amenities and more à la carte services
  • AQ Compute Sustainability Leadership: we constantly evaluate and improve our practices to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all stakeholders and contributing to a better future for everyone.


Located within a campus or on its own plot, this type of data center is meant to be only yours but without you needing to make the capital investment yourself. For customers needing a data hall to themselves, we have our built-to-suit product.


Key points of our built-to-suit offering:

  • Geography: choice of virtually any European location, close to a city centre for a new deployment
  • Compartmentation: you decide the layout of the data center
  • Branding: your own data center branding
  • Scalability plan: according to your growth plan, over 10 MW per site is available
  • Connectivity: tailored connectivity to your data centers or company locations
  • Sustainability: we help you add your signature
  • Power: stable power prices over the whole duration of the colocation contract on demand (optional). We are happy to provide a multi-year PPA for 100% certified renewable energy* provided by AQ Renewables. AQ Renewables is one of the largest renewable energy providers in Europe.
  • Timeline: plots can be made available in four to 18 months depending on the selected location. A data center can be made ready in six to 12 months, after ground works are finished.

*subject to clients needs


A colocation data center can be like a marketplace, where the tenants can enjoy ultra-low latency between each other to leverage the potential of their cloud services. Connectivity to the outside is also key, which is why all our data centres are carrier neutral and linked to the main internet exchange points.

Here are our main connectivity options:

  • Cross-connects: why leave the data center if your cloud provider or client is in the same building?
  • IXPs connections: neutral points are like “portals“ to faster travel and are very important to many clients with businesses abroad.
  • Dedicated lines: to experience your colocation space as if it were your own data center, a dedicated fibre connection to your offices might be a good choice.
  • Connection to the main cloud providers: AWS direct connect, Google interconnect, Azure cloud direct are available for ensuring smooth access to the public cloud.


Smart hands

A colocation data center can help reduce your operational costs so you can concentrate your efforts on your digital services. Our remote hands personnel are here to react whenever you need them. We have trained personnel who can speak your language. Ask us if your required language is available in our data centers. IT personnel can be available if needed for urgent matters. We have various SLAs for different needs.  You can choose between a frame contract with a package of hours or remote hands hours on request.

  • Smallest ordered time: 30 min
  • Time fractions: 15 min


  • Initial setup of the equipment
  • Network connection
  • Cabling
  • Labelling
  • Mounting/unmounting of hardware
  • Hard disks replacement
  • Storage facility management
  • Entering of simple commandos (usage of keyboard and monitor)
  • Assistance with permanent video connection