AI-Ready data centers

What AI-Readiness means for AQ Compute

The digital infrastructure industry is one of the fastest changing in the world. Over the past decade, we have witnessed countless technological advancements that have grown exponentially, faster than society could predict. We’re now witnessing another exciting technological boom: Artificial Intelligence, and the data center industry is positioned at the core of this advancement. AI needs AI-Ready data centers to grow, and AQ Compute is here to support this growth. Not bound by legacy data center architecture, AQ Compute is in a position of advantage and able to structure things differently.

To become AI-Ready, we incorporate ultra-high density cooling coupled with heat capture through RDHX and direct liquid cooling, increasing the temperature that the data center is allowed to run at and reducing cooling costs and water consumption. As a result, we are able to run our ultra-high density data centers more efficiently, minimizing your PUE and supporting your sustainability goals, enabling the deployment and growth of AI applications.




Our two pillars of AI-Ready data centers

Integrated closed loop cooling circuit.

We have designed our infrastructure to allow for high density cooling using a closed water loop to remove the heat from the racks via Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) and direct liquid cooling. This allows for increased free cooling, leading to reduced mechanical costs and minimal water consumption. As a result, we are able to operate more efficiently to minimize your PUE and operational costs. We are also able to incorporate heat reuse and eliminate water consumption to help meet your sustainability goals.

Closed loop efficiency
Utilizing a closed loop cooling system to eliminate water usage and minimize our WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) score means that we do not rely on vast quantities of water for cooling purposes.

Heat reuse
AQ Compute’s innovative design enables heat from the data center to be exchanged from the cooling loop to an independent hot water loop. This exchange ensures that the energy generated within the data center never goes to waste. The captured heat is transferred from the data center to a hot water heating system for use by ourselves within our facilities and/or by different external heating demands, such as local communities.

Community-driven heating
Our intention is to have partnerships to exemplify community driven heating solutions with local utility companies and municipalities.

Regulation of the return temperature.

In an era where high-performance AI applications dominate the landscape, efficiency is not just a preference; it’s a necessity.

Optimizing cooling with precision, delivering efficiency
Within our data centers, we can regulate temperature, humidity, and the flow of water inside the cooling system – in every rack.

By precisely regulating the flow of water in our cooling system, we avoid unnecessarily cooling racks with lower workloads, thereby reducing overall power consumption and maintaining a consistent return water temperature.

The use of warm water cooling allows us to increase free cooling which reduces the need for mechanical cooling, and enables us to reduce power consumption, reduce the PUE and improve operational costs. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of power and cooling delivery is fine-tuned for maximum operational efficiency.

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