Data center solutions


Based on Tier III Classifications


Modular Design
Starting at 500 kW IT blocks

High-Speed Data Traffic

Redundant IP Connection


On-Site Service


Renewable Energy*
*subject to clients needs


Locations in
Europe within 5 years

What we offer.

We provide first-class solutions that are tailored to the individual requirements and circumstances of each customer. Our flexible architectures ensure optimal technical performance and unparalleled reliability, with customer satisfaction always at the forefront.

  • AI & HPC
  • Hyperscalers
  • Colocation
  • Built-to-suit
  • Additional services

AQ Compute offers a solution tailored to  the growing demands of artificial intelligence (AI) operations. These advanced data centers have been carefully designed to meet the evolving needs of AI applications and services with a focus on sustainability.

AI needs AI-Ready data centers to grow, and AQ Compute is here to support this growth. Not bound by legacy data center architecture, AQ Compute is in a position of advantage and able to structure its data centers differently.

To become AI-Ready, we incorporate ultra-high density closed-circuit cooling through RDHX and direct liquid cooling, increasing the temperature that the data center is allowed to run at and reducing cooling costs and water consumption. As a result, we are able to run our ultra-high density data centers more efficiently, minimizing your PUE and supporting your sustainability goals, enabling the deployment and growth of AI applications.
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AQ Compute meets the increasing demand from companies and organizations undergoing IT transformation. Our data centers are part of Europe’s critical infrastructure within metropolitan areas.

AQ Compute provides interconnected and secure infrastructures worldwide. Our data centers entail powerful and scalable solutions that can be fully customized. Clients are able to choose any type of colocation within a fully available portfolio of high-quality solutions that meet the needs of data centers today and in the future.

AQ Compute is able to meet the stringent data center requirements that hyperscalers have.

Scalability: our data centers are highly scalable to meet the rapidly growing demand for computing resources.

Reliability and redundancy: our data centers are highly reliable, designed with redundant components and systems to avoid any downtime. This includes redundant power supplies, network devices, as well as backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure continuous operation.

High performance: we provide high-performance computing resources to meet the demands of hyperscale applications and services, including a high-speed network infrastructure.

Energy & cost efficiency: we use energy-efficient cooling systems and power distribution infrastructure and supply our data centers with electricity from renewable energy sources. While hyperscalers demand high performance and reliability, they also seek cost-effective solutions to optimize their infrastructure spending.

AQ Compute will offer colocation space at a range of European locations where the demand for IT services is increasing faster than in traditional data center hubs. Our offering covers the basic principles of a data center colocation space: security, reliability and connectivity while providing the assurance of data carbon reduction.

Key points of our colocation spaces:

Flexibility: in cooling technologies, power densities, spacing options, and reliability

Scalability: our modular design allows flexibility as a client’s needs grow, starting at 500 kW IT blocks (smaller capacities are available via our preferred resellers).

Reliability and security: we can offer the right service level agreement (SLA) to meet your business needs. 24/7 personnel on site and a high-level secured perimeter.

Connectivity: we provide access to the closest IX either through dark fiber or  wavelength and direct connections to the main cloud providers, cross-connects and private fiber connections.

On-site service: 24/7 remote hands and security

Monitoring service: within our data centers, we can regulate temperature, humidity, and the flow of water inside the cooling system – in every rack. By precisely regulating the flow of water in our cooling system, we avoid unnecessarily cooling racks with lower workloads. This is displayed on a monitoring system for our operational team to review.

Sustainability: we are conscious how important it is for our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. We want to support them to achieve their ESG goals by relying on our products and services. We want to exemplify ESG and be enablers of the change.

Located within a campus or on its own plot, this type of data center is meant to be only yours but without you needing to make the capital investment yourself. For customers needing a data hall to themselves, we have our built-to-suit product.

Key points of our built-to-suit offering:

Geography: choice of virtually any European location, close to a city center for a new deployment

Compartmentation: you decide the layout of the data center

Branding: your own data center branding

Scalability plan: according to your growth plan, over 10 MW available per site

Connectivity: tailored connectivity to your data centers or company locations

Power: we are able to provide a multi-year PPA for certified renewable energy and therefore we are able to give clients stable power prices of the whole duration of the data center contract


Connectivity to the outside is also key, which is why all our data centers are carrier neutral and linked to the main internet exchange points. We are able to provide cross-connects in our data centers, and by partnering with local and Global ISP we are able to give our clients  access to the closest IX either through dark fiber or  wavelength and direct connections to the main cloud providers andprivate fiber connections.

Smart hands

A colocation data center can help reduce your operational costs so you can concentrate your efforts on your digital services. Our remote hands personnel are here to react whenever you need themWe have various SLAs for different needs.  You can choose between a frame contract with a package of hours or remote hands hours on request.

Smallest ordered time: 30 minutes
Time fractions: 15 minutes

Smart hands services:

  • Logistics management of spare parts, including packing, receiving, shipping and dispatch of parts
  • Replacement of faulty parts/modules
  • Unpacking and racking of devices
  • Hard drive, chassis, and other component replacement
  • Equipment reboot/restart
  • Replacement of consumable parts. e.g. fibers, cables, fuses Installation of AC or DC power
  • All power cabling to agreed specifications and DC circuit breaker
  • Copy of equipment digital photos