AQ Compute is a sub-brand of Aquila Capital, an investment and asset development company focused on generating and managing essential assets on behalf of its clients.

AQ Compute provides data centre and colocation services around Europe powered by renewable energy sources. It pursues a pan-European data centre strategy and anticipates an ever-increasing demand for computing capacity with a strong focus on sustainability. Client data is hosted on sustainable infrastructure, which includes building materials, power supplies and the recovery of excess heat. Besides having ecological advantages, AQ Compute’s approach has economic advantages for its clients.

AQ Compute focuses on the European continent with an emphasis on secondary markets. Growing markets, such as the Nordics or the Iberian Peninsula, offer ideal conditions for the development and operation of sustainable data centres with excellent access to renewable energy.

To provide its clients with a wide range of locations, AQ Compute is working on entering additional markets in Europe. Its first data centres are located in Oslo in Norway and Barcelona in Spain – with more to follow.



Decarbonising your data

Our vision is to decarbonise the colocation and data centre industry across Europe.

Our mission is to provide modular, carbon-neutral data centre capacities across Europe, powered by renewable energy sources, following green building standards, recovering and recycling the energy and compensating for each MW used with another MW of renewable energy – enabling our clients to reduce their carbon footprints.




We want you to feel the
AQ Compute experience.

Powered by renewable energy we decarbonise our clients’ data
and reduce the overall footprint of the data centre and colocation industry.

AQ Compute benefits from Aquila Capital’s long track record in the European renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure industries.

AQ Compute data centres are based on a holistic ecological concept and are subject to internationally recognised certification standards.

AQ Compute requires powerful and scalable solutions that can be fully customised.

Our commitment to sustainability:

“AQ Compute strives to fulfill the responsibility to make a positive impact to people and planet through our commitment to continuously improve our data centre sustainability practices to deliver continuous growth and profits.”

Petter M. Tømmeraas, CEO, AQ Compute


Aquila Capital – a strong partner

By investing in clean energy and sustainable infrastructure, Aquila Capital contributes to the global energy transition and strengthens the world’s infrastructure backbone. The company initiates, develops, and manages essential assets along the entire value chain and lifetime. Currently, Aquila Capital manages EUR 14.7 billion on behalf of institutional investors worldwide. Their primary objective is to generate performance for their clients by managing the complexity of essential assets.

AQ Compute is part of Aquila Capital and benefits from it’s long track record in the European renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure industry as well as from its broad expertise in establishing and managing long-term PPAs. Today, Aquila Capital manages wind energy, solar PV and hydropower assets of 13.9 GW capacity (as at 31 December 2022). The company has been carbon neutral since 2006 and aims to act carbon negative. Sustainability has always been part of Aquila Capital’s value system and is an integral part of its investment strategies, processes, and management of its assets. The company has around 650 employees operating in 17 offices in 16 countries worldwide.


The team

Julian Neuhäusel

Investment Associate | Data Centre

We benefit from the combined strengths of a start-up environment, a DC veteran team with profound knowledge and expertise and a well-established real asset investment manager.

Frithjof Scheel

Investment Analyst Real Estate

For me personally, AQ Compute stands out by setting ambitious sustainability goals from the get-go without accepting any compromises.

Chris Ezennaya

Chief Project Director

Our data centres are designed and built to fill real customer needs.
With flexible options according to business demands, growth, and scalability, following optimal procedures and methodologies.

We're focused on the deployment of sustainable and efficient technologies, minimising carbon footprint.
Looking towards the already present future of our planet.

Henry Daunert

Executive Vice President

Working with a team of top professionals with the passion and determination to make AQ Compute the most sustainable data centre company in the world.

Andreas Myr

VP Sales Nordics

We are creating data centre solutions which satisfy today’s needs.

Moreover, we are not endangering the possibilities for future generations due to our dedicated focus on sustainability and the use of clean energy.

Jaime Comella

Lead Data Centre Architect

I stand for technology that serves human beings. This, for me, is an essential part of humanity’s progress.

At AQ Compute we want to build the best data centres for our clients and for society, because we believe it is the way we have to do it.

Petter Tømmeraas

Chief Executive Officer

AQ Compute is special because we are creating something different from other companies in our industry.

We’re combining our considerable portfolio of renewable energy production with world-class data centre services powered by this energy.

Patricia Saenger

Marketing Associate

AQ Compute is a super motivating project with a DNA based on sustainability.
We want to create a data centre brand based on sustainability and efficiency.

This is a project born out of Aquila Capital, a company that manages renewable energy production and storage assets with a capacity of around 13 GW.
So, this is much more than a passing trend.

Carl von Hessen

Head of Data Centre Investment

For me, AQ Compute brings together the two great strengths that Aquila Capital offers.
Aquila Capital is a pioneer in the investment sector. It manages a large and constantly growing portfolio of renewable energy assets and brings great expertise in the project development of sustainable infrastructure.

Bardiya Monzavi

Marketing Associate

It’s so refreshing to work with a team who are so dedicated to creating a truly sustainable future for the data centre industry and beyond.

AQ Compute enables me to place myself in a focused mindset, achieving monumental results with a world class team – for people, planet, and profit.

Jan Kohler

Investment Manager

For me, AQ Compute is special because of the dynamic and entrepreneurial expert team with unconventional thinking embedded in an established investment management company with direct access to renewable energy sources.

Patrick Giangrosso

Chief Sales Officer

Because the world's data centre industry needs to change. We are aware of our responsibility for the worldwide environment and culture.

AQ Compute data centres will make a decisive contribution to this.

Geir M. Johansen

Manager Quality and Governance

AQ Compute is unique for me because of the fact that we are able to provide actual green renewable power to our data centres.

I also love to work in a great multinational teamwork spirit across trades and competence areas.

Stefanie Casall

Lead Marketing Manager

For me, it is a matter of wholeheartedly standing up for our planet, for future generations, and for ourselves.

Our focus is on the mindful use of our resources. With our sustainable data centres, we are consciously setting an clear example for a better world.

Become a team member

Imagine a world where people are acting every minute in an environmentally friendly way as they use their smartphones or undertake some internet research. Isn’t that incredibly calming?
We at AQ Compute will make data centres and their computing capacities greener.

We are looking for people who are ready to drive our mission forward. If you are ready to share your passion and energy for our mission, please get in touch.



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