Datacloud Global Congress

Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

The Datacloud Global Congress is a highly regarded event in the ICT industry, providing a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing. With a specific focus on digital infrastructure, including data centres, cloud providers, and edge providers, the congress attracts attendees from finance, technology, enterprise, terrestrial and subsea fibre providers, energy companies, and government agencies.

The event provides an opportunity for attendees to gain insights into the latest industry trends, innovations, and technologies, as well as to hear from industry experts and thought leaders on topics such as digital transformation, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more.

We are part of the digital landscape within Datacloud Global Congress and have the following four sessions:

1) Our EVP, Henry Daunert, will be part of a panel discussion: In conversation with Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

When: 25 April 2023, 15.10 – 15.50 (CET)
Where: Génois Theatre (Level +2)

2) Susanna Kass, Board Chair of DataCloud Talent in Tech is speaking on a plenary discussing diversity in the talent pool in the data centre industrySupporting diverse talent in the industry

When: 25 April 2023, 16:00 – 16:30 (CET)
Where: Guelfe Room (Level 2)

3) Our CEO, Petter M. Tømmeraas, will be part of a panel discussion: The Future of Power: How can renewable energy help decarbonise data centres?

When: 26 April 2023, 14:40 – 15:20 (CET)
Where: Génois Theatre (Level +2)

4) The Race to Net Zero is advancing more sustainable computing of existing 7 million data centre sites and for the future Net Zero data centres, with eco-conscious, more environmentally friendly and circularity data centres with reduced depletion of environmental resources.

Susanna Kass is the opening keynote speaker to share her insights if AI can accelerate the Net Zero journey of carbon neutrality: Knock Knock? Who’s There? Sustainability? Sustainability Who? ChatGPT @the Heart of Digital Transformation. Can it get us faster to a Carbon Free Future?

When: 27 April 2023, 09:40 – 10:00 (CET)
Where: Génois Theatre (Level +2)


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