Join us on our path to Net Zero

We are providing flexible and modular Colocation data centres in prime metropolitan areas.
Our renewable energy strategy enables our clients to fulfill their ESG commitments.
Born from, and partnered with, Aquila Group, our carbon pledge is clear: for every clean MW employed for our sites an additional MW of clean energy will be deployed within the same region.

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We have one planet for all time.
A planet growing more connected day by day.

We have the responsibilty to take care of it, for us and for future generations. Our higher goal is to protect our planet by taking action with our commitment towards green data centres and decarbonisation.


We are creating a new standard for resilient data centres, with 24/7 Net Zero operations throughout the data centre life cycle. A place where clients can reach their carbon reduction policies and fulfill their ESG commitments.


We are providing flexible and modular data centre and colocation services, in prime locations throughout Europe powered by renewable energy.


Our mission

We are an enabler of IT decarbonisation for our customers and the society,
by shaking up the data centre sector, by building 100% sustainable,
Zero emissions state of the art AI-ready data centres.


Our background

Strong, well-founded, clear – working on our mission.

With Aquila Group we have an experienced and reliable partner on our side, which manages one of the largest renewable energy portfolios in Europe.


Our data centres

Meeting demand, future-oriented, focused – working on our mission.

AQ Compute is launching the greenest data centre and colocation infrastructure in Europe.
We are part of a global network of data centre experts ensuring a sustainable, flexible and secure operation tailored to our customers’ needs. With our decarbonised data centre capacity, we aim to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the data centre industry.


Our sustainability message

Trustworthy, socially and environmentally conscious – working on our mission.

We strive to make a positive impact on the world. This belief is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from the way we design and manufacture our data centres, to the way we engage with our employees, clients and the broader community.



Our team

Experienced, diverse, passionate – working on our mission.

At AQ Compute, we are a group of talented experts, driven to decarbonise the data centre and colocation business with the aim of creating a sustainable future.


For hyperscalers & enterprises

AQ Compute provides colocation capacities suited to hyperscalers and in prime locations in metropolitan areas. All services can be tailored to clients’ individual needs. Depending on the project size and requirements, AQ Compute offers a wide range of capacities and energy-efficient technologies.

  • Flex
  • Hyper
  • Edge

We offer the flexibility for our clients to choose between whitespace areas, different data centre sizes and IT-room capacities. In addition, AQ Compute is able to provide for different computing needs and is ready for various tier levels. We also provide flexibility in power capacity and power backup technologies, as well as in the type of cooling solutions used. All standards can be set according to our client’s requirements.


Our sites are fit for over 50 MW of capacity and allow excellent connectivity to support clients’ individual needs. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of different sized facilities at data centre campuses with independent buildings, including large IT rooms with over 500 m2 of floor area where users are able to manage their own spaces.

Location is a key determinant for our data centres: our sites are selected near major European cities and in growing markets with close proximities to urban centres. This allows for lower latency in meeting end-user requirements. We are able to offer multiple connections to IXPs across a wide range of operators.

We are convinced that
the data centre and colocation industry
needs to be decarbonised.


% Renewable energy*
*subject to clients needs


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capacity under construction


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