AQ Compute’s second data centre will be located in Barcelona

We announced our strategic agreement with CBRE with the aim of making AQ Compute a pan-European leader in providing global clients with data centre services.
Our second data centre will…


Podcast with JSA: What’s the status-quo of the Norwegian data centre market?

It has long been a plan of Norwegian municipalities to introduce more data centre investment into the region, which is attractive for investors due to contributing factors such as…


DCD Magazine: what are the possible applications on waste heat?

Waste heat reuse has been proven to lower the overall CO2e emissions of a data centre and mustn’t be ignored as a key sustainability strategy. Heat reuse can also…


AQ Compute: The vision of a new player in the data centre market

Our journey to a sustainable future for the data centre market begins in Norway, with the construction of a cost-effective and tailor-made colocation capacity near Oslo, utilising renewable energy…


t3n podcast: What makes a data centre “green”?

How does heat waste management work? Carl von Hessen dives deeper in a t3n Magazin podcast.

It is widely understood that data centres are power-hungry, being among the biggest electricity…