Italy, Milan


Renewable Energy
*subject to clients needs

80 kW

Average Cooling Power/ Rack


Services Available

1000 m²

Total IT-Space

40 MW

Power Supply

Dec '22


Hønefoss I NO-DC1

The first facility is currently under construction in Hønefoss, close to Oslo and Norway’s largest international airport.

This facility will be a 3,8 MW IT colocation facility, prepared with the potential to support high-density racks for HPC. The power supply potential is up to 40 MW in the site area. The site can also support standard densities – 5 kW, up to HPC (+100kW) per rack.

Cooling setup

Air cooling:

  • up to 20 kW cooling power per rack
  • ca. 80% yearly indirect free cooling
  • chilled water temperature (20/26 indoor, and 18/24 outdoor)
  • Avg. cPUE 1.15 approx. (only considering the cooling infrastructure)

Hot water direct cooling:

  • 80 kW average cooling power per rack
  • ca. 100% yearly indirect free cooling

Power setup

  • 3,8 MW IT-load
  • 10 MW of IT power is available at the plot, extensible to 40 MW
  • 100% renewable energy supply. Electricity spot price: €0.036/kWh average over the last 16 years
  • PPA long-term power supply contracts directly with the supplier (optional)

Technical setup

  • Location:
    • Hønefoss, close to Oslo and Norway’s international airport
    • Average temperature 4.6°C
    • Large plot with space for further data centre buildings
  • Colocation
    • Open space, flexible divisions, compartments, enclosures
    • Total IT space available: ca. 1000 m²
    • Max. no. of racks: circa 700 (based on 60 cm racks)
    • 16 two-row blocks of max. 44 racks each (based on 60 cm racks)
    • High power density blocks for liquid cooled compute capacity on demand


  • Redundancy/Resiliency:
    • Tier 3: 2N redundancy in power and fiber. N+1 in cooling
    • Back-up power (UPS, gensets, double power feeder), 20 kW redundant power supply per rack in average
  • Connectivity:
    • Carrier neutral data centre
    • Expected connections to IXPs in Oslo and abroad as well as direct connections to the main cloud providers
    • Private line ethernet services on request
    • Cross-connects within the data centre on demand
  • Expected one-way latency values:
    • London (14.9 ms)
    • Frankfurt (14.4 ms)
    • Stockholm (6.8 ms)
    • Dublin (18.2 ms)
    • Paris (19.9 ms)
    • Amsterdam (12.6 ms)


  • Services and operations:
    • Initial set-up
    • Remote hands packages
    • 24/7 services available
    • Flexible SLA offering
  • Other:
    • Monitoring features available (live PUE, CO2e emissions, performance, etc.)
    • CO2e measuring, reducing, and offsetting services as required
    • Heat reuse is under consideration to reduce operational costs and carbon footprint


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