Yotta, Las Vegas

We are pleased to announce that AQ Compute will be attending the Yotta in Las Vegas as a Bronze Partner. This prestigious event, which takes place from October 7-9, brings together the best professionals and innovators in the field of digital infrastructure.

With the title How will digital infrastructure meet the demands of AI? Yotta is known for its extensive program, which includes keynote speeches, interactive workshops and a variety of networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest advances in technology and infrastructure, share insights and foster collaborations.

As a Bronze Partner, we will be showcasing our data centers, our AI-ready approach, our sustainability concepts and discussing future trends and innovations with industry leaders. We invite you to visit our meeting point, engage with our team and learn how we are shaping the future of digital infrastructure.


Join us in Las Vegas for an insightful and interesting experience at Yotta.

We look forward to seeing you there!
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German Datacenter Conference

We are pleased to announce that AQ Compute will be attending the upcoming Global Datacenter Conference (GDC) on September 3rd. GDC is a premier event that brings together leading professionals and experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends, innovations and challenges in the data center industry.


Join our CEO, Henry Daunert at 10:35 am CET for an exciting panel discussion titled: How is AI Changing the Data Center Landscape? Is Germany Following the Global Trends?

This session will explore the transformative impact of AI on data centers and whether Germany is keeping pace with international developments. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts and engage in a forward-thinking dialog.

The conference promises a rich agenda of keynote presentations, technical sessions and networking opportunities, making it a must-attend event for anyone involved in data center technology and management.


We look forward to seeing you there!
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Platform Global 2024

“Network. Transact. Invest. Decarbonise.”


This 3rd annual meeting brings together financiers, private equity investors, deal makers and owners of digital infrastructure and their decarbonizing supply chain for for an in-depth conversation about the current market landscape, finance, land, power, connectivity and future trends.


We’re looking forward to joining partners, colleagues, peers and clients in Antibes this year from 10 – 12 September, and we’re super keen to be delivering thought leadership at this event. More details about our panel engagements to come!


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Will you be in Antibes?

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CBRE: How new investors are reshaping the data center industry

This exclusive CBRE organised conference, taking place July 10th 2024 in Madrid, Spain, will bring key executives together to discuss the current state of the EMEA data center market and draw upon key topics including sustainable development of AI-ready Data Centers.


Our CEO, Henry Daunert, will be discussing the future of the sustainable AI-ready data center facility.

Interview: Building the Future of Sustainable & AI-ready Data Centers

July 10th, 10:40


We look forward to meeting you in Madrid!

Digital Infra Network: The Rise of AI, 2024

The Rise of AI event that took place at the Savoy hotel in London brought together nearly 200 executives from across the sector to discuss key issues surrounding AI and AI-driven workloads in the data center, including how to cool and power such applications in a manner that enables efficiency and sustainability. Once again our Lead Data Center Architect, Jaime Comella, spoke on two important panels discussing these exact topics.


Panel: What impact will AI have on driving the transformation of cooling in the data center? What are the limits of traditional cooling, and can existing data center infrastructure cope with higher-density AI workloads?

With Jaime Comella, David Gyulnazaryan @ Impleon, Dino Foderaro @ Accelsius, Alex Brew @ Verity, and Marcus Bartollini @ Lefdal Mine Datacenter


Panel: Sustainable data centers in the AI era – a myth or a reality?

With Jaime Comella, Derek Webster @ Andget Limited, Loren Long @ Clear Sustainability, Michael Winterson @ EUDCA, Christian Kallenbach @ NDC Garbe, and Matthew Baynes @ Schneider Electric


We look forward to returning next year for the second rendition!


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Future Bridge: Data Centre Design, Engineering & Construction 2024

Data Centre Design, Engineering & Construction, a dynamic two-day summit crafted to unite designers, engineers, constructors, decision-makers, experts, and imple- menters in the pursuit of intelligent decisions for data centre growth. This C-level event is designed to equip you with the essential insights and connections required to successfully design and construct your data centre.


During this event, our Lead Data Center Architect, Jaime Comella, took to the stage to discuss the opportunities for efficiency and other impacts that liquid cooling will have on the data center facility.


Presentation: assessing the shift to liquid cooling to analyse the impact on data centre design, efficiency & investment within an environment of constrained water sources

Tuesday 11th June, 12:00: Future Bridge, Barcelona


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Datacloud Global Congress 2024

Datacloud Global Congress has long been a data center industry headline event, bringing all of the industry’s top vendors, operators, and occupiers into one room under the same roof. This event, taking place 5th and 6th June 2024, enables us to dive deeper into the ever changing landscape of the data center industry with a focus on AI workloads.


Join AQ Compute in Cannes this year where our Norway CEO, Andreas Myr, will be speaking on a panel alongside Mark Acton, Svein Hagaseth, Isabelle Kemlin and others discussing the use cases of Nordic workloads.


Panel: why should workloads move to the Nordics?

Wednesday 5th June 2024, 2:10pm to 2:50pm, Datacloud Global Congress, Cannes


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We are looking forward to meeting you in Cannes.
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ISC High Performance 2024

“The event for high performance computing, machine learning, data analytics & quantum computing” – the right place for us to be.


As a provider of AI-Ready infrastructure, it is important for us to be in tune with the end users who we provide infrastructure for. In a dynamic and growing market like ours, micro-trends have the possibility to turn into macro shifts in mindset and development.  

Join AQ Compute at ISC High Performance in Hamburg this year at stand A09 to learn more about our infrastructure offering and data centers in Europe.


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We are looking forward to meeting you in Hamburg.
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OCP Regional Summit 2024, Lisbon

“The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure.”


With the exponentially growing demand on Data Centers and digital infrastructure, energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount to ensuring smooth and cost efficient IT operations to continue supporting the world’s expanding usage of IT and the internet. As such, we’re pleased to host the welcome reception at the upcoming OCP Regional Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, 24th and 25th April, demonstrating our support for innovation in sustainability, open source computing and energy efficient designs.


Our Lead Data Center Architect, Jaime Comella, will be speaking on two panels at this conference highlighting principles of heat reuse, alongside insightful peer panelists.


Panel 1: Heat reuse subproject – Policies + Economics Workstreams + Reference designs

25th April, 11:40am – 12:00pm

Jaime Comella; Petter Terenius, Lecturer @ Uppsala University; David Gardiner @ David Gardiner and Associates
Panel 2: Past-Present-Future of heat reuse
25th April, 1:00pm – 1:30pm
Jaime Comella; Jon Summers, Scientific Leader in Data Centers @ Research Institutes of Sweden; Jakob Bergstedt, Head of Operations @ Conapto; Pauline Turner, Policy Director @ Euro Heat and Power; Drew Turner Global Head of Business Integration @ Danfoss
We look forward to meeting you in Lisbon.
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ASHRAE International Building Decarbonization Conference 2024

Jaime Comella, Lead Data Center Architect AQ Compute, will be attending the ASHRAE International Building Decarbonization Conference in Madrid from 17th – 19th April, during which he will also be speaking on a panel dedicated to discussions around achieving carbon neutrality within data centers, alongside Manuel Perez-Tabernero @ Schneider Electric, Ricardo Abad @ QUARK, Robert Assink @ Digital Realty, and Miguel Alava @ AWS.

Panel: Carbon Neutrality in the Digital Age: Pioneering Strategies for Net-Zero Data Centers. 18th April, 11:00AM – 12:30PM

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We are looking forward to meeting you in Madrid.

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