Digital Infra Network: The Rise of AI, 2024

The Rise of AI event that took place at the Savoy hotel in London brought together nearly 200 executives from across the sector to discuss key issues surrounding AI and AI-driven workloads in the data center, including how to cool and power such applications in a manner that enables efficiency and sustainability. Once again our Lead Data Center Architect, Jaime Comella, spoke on two important panels discussing these exact topics.


Panel: What impact will AI have on driving the transformation of cooling in the data center? What are the limits of traditional cooling, and can existing data center infrastructure cope with higher-density AI workloads?

With Jaime Comella, David Gyulnazaryan @ Impleon, Dino Foderaro @ Accelsius, Alex Brew @ Verity, and Marcus Bartollini @ Lefdal Mine Datacenter


Panel: Sustainable data centers in the AI era – a myth or a reality?

With Jaime Comella, Derek Webster @ Andget Limited, Loren Long @ Clear Sustainability, Michael Winterson @ EUDCA, Christian Kallenbach @ NDC Garbe, and Matthew Baynes @ Schneider Electric


We look forward to returning next year for the second rendition!


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