AQ Compute cooperates with CleanHub to actively reduce plastic waste


AQ Compute cooperates with CleanHub to actively reduce plastic waste


  • The collaboration aims at the reduction and collection of ocean-bound plastic waste as well as the promotion of a circular economy.
  • AQ Compute sponsored a CleanHub beach clean-up in Indonesia on June 8, World Oceans Day.


Hamburg / Berlin, 10 June 2024 – AQ Compute has entered into a cooperation with Berlin-based start-up CleanHub to support the mitigation of plastic and promote a circular economy. The European colocation data center provider committed to avoiding 4,300 kg of plastic waste from entering the oceans this year – the equivalent of 430,000 plastic bottles – through collection on beaches. The collected waste is weighed and recorded using track-and-trace technology and is taken to a Material Recovery Facility. Moreover, AQ Compute pledged to collect an additional kilogramme of ocean-bound plastic for every newsletter subscription it receives. The cooperation also creates sustainable and decent jobs with fair wages in the global south through waste collection. To mark the launch of this collaboration, AQ Compute sponsored a clean-up of a beach in Ambon, Indonesia, organised by CleanHub on World Oceans Day on June 8. This has a direct impact on the environment since coastlines are cleaned-up, plastic is prevented from entering the ocean and additional income for local communities is provided.

AQ Compute is pursuing the goal of making the life cycle of data centers in Europe more sustainable. To this end, the company is aiming at a low carbon footprint design, utilizing clean energy and heat reuse in its data centers.

Creating easy access to waste management
At CleanHubs in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Tanzania, teams intercept waste before it reaches the ocean by collecting it directly from households as well as waterways. After the waste has been collected, it is sorted into different categories so each material can be disposed of correctly. Recyclable plastic is sold to local recyclers, non-recyclable plastic is processed in the most environmentally friendly way available, avoiding open dumping and burning.

The progress of the plastic collection can be tracked in real time via the online impact report.

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