AQ-OSL1: Pioneering sustainable AI infrastructure

AQ Compute launches maiden data center in Hønefoss, Norway, pioneering sustainable AI infrastructure
Partnership with NexGen Cloud marks milestone in decarbonizing the IT sector

We are proud to announce the completion of our first facility, AQ-OSL1, in Hønefoss near Oslo, Norway.

Our approach to data center design includes a strong focus on sustainability, with AQ-OSL1 carefully designed as an AI-enabled data center facility. The center’s infrastructure is designed to support the most demanding AI workloads while maintaining the highest standards for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

In a landmark partnership that signals our shared commitment to decarbonizing the IT sector, we have joined forces with NexGen Cloud, a pioneering provider of sustainable GPU Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions. Together, we are leading the transition to a net-zero AI supercloud by leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive innovation while minimizing carbon footprint.

NexGen Cloud’s choice of AQ-OSL1 highlights the data center’s capabilities with an initial allocation of 6 MW of AI capacity. This collaboration not only drives the development of AI infrastructure in Europe, but also sets a precedent for sustainable practices within the data center industry.

Henry Daunert, CEO of AQ Compute, expressed his excitement about the potential of the collaboration: “Our partnership with NexGen Cloud is an example of our shared vision of using technology for positive environmental impact. By combining our expertise in sustainable data center solutions with NexGen Cloud’s innovative AI capabilities, we are able to drive significant change in the IT landscape.”

The launch of AQ-OSL1 is an important milestone in our mission to pave the way to a greener and more sustainable future for the data center sector. With the increasing demand for AI computing, initiatives like this underline the importance of combining technological innovation with environmental responsibility to pave the way for a better and more sustainable future.


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