Data Center Nation 2024

Data Center Nation Milan is regarded as the premier event for the Data Center industry in Italy. The conference agenda of DCN Milan 2024 will offer crucial updates from local and international stakeholders on the optimization of digital infrastructure assets from a Facility, IT, and Business standpoint. It’s an unrivalled opportunity to deep dive into the latest innovation that are shaping the Italian data center landscape.”


With the ongoing constraints and saturation that FLAP-D markets are facing, the industry has realised the importance of expanding outwards into emerging data center markets, with Italy at the forefront of this growth. Due to it’s strategic location in continental Europe, Milan poses as an attractive expansion market and, as such, the Data Center Nation Milan event offers the perfect forum to explore this growth.


Join us in Milan on 17 April 2024 where we will be speaking about the impact of AI workloads on industry expansion and sustainable growth.


We are looking forward to meeting you in Milan.
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