Datacenter Forum Stockholm 2023

The Nordics are set to become the premiere region for digital infrastructure services in the world.
What is driving the unprecedented growth of the Nordic data centre market?

Driver for growth: AI
The explosion in AI demand has significant implications for the data center industry. As AI technologies mature and are integrated across sectors, the need for computational power, storage, and specialized infrastructure grows exponentially. What does this mean for the Nordic data center industry and, above all, what opportunities does it offer?

Driver for growth: Hybrid IT
Over the next two years, a vast majority of infrastructure strategies will integrate a combination of on-premises, colocation, cloud, and edge delivery options. What are the drivers behind this trend, and what are the security, privacy, and compliance implications? And where exactly do you put your data? The Nordics just might be in a perfect position here: data centers are powered by plenty of cheap and green energy.

Sustainability as a strategy
A major factor in the Nordics’ unique position in the international data centre landscape can be summarized in one word: sustainability. It combines a cool climate with lots of sustainable power and available water. Not only that, the Nordics can also add innovative heat reuse technology to this mix. We take a look at how the Nordics are leveraging its natural conditions to become a hub for data center development.


These and many more topics will be discussed on the upcoming Datacenter Forum, Stockholm.
Our Nordics CEO, Andreas Myr, will be joining another world class panel, discussing the massive growth drivers that AI is presenting the data center industry.

Panel: Datacenter Changemakers Sweden Episode 1 – Driver for growth: AI, 7 December 2023, 11:15 – 12:15 CET.

Join AQ Compute and other panellists this week on 7th December in Stockholm.
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