Datacloud ESG Summit 2023

The Datacloud ESG Summit will take place on September 26 and 27 in Oslo, Norway.

The summit will bring together professionals from the industry focusing on ways to run or invest in greener businesses. At the Datacloud ESG Summit 2023, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and presentations covering various aspects of ESG, such as environmental sustainability, social impact, and corporate governance. The goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration to drive positive change and promote sustainable business practices within the data and technology industry.


Our colleague Jan Kohler, Director CEO Office, will be part of a panel discussion: What do investors look for in sustainable digital infrastructure investments?
When? 26th of September, 14:15 – 14:55 (CEST)

With regulation making ESG action imperative across the digital infrastructure industry, investors are taking careful consideration before committing to an investment. International stakeholders will review

  • The merits of adopting sustainability policies that go beyond regulation
  • Global progress (albeit varying across regions)
  • The influence of hyperscalers and major enterprise customers in driving the industry to become greener


We are looking forward to meeting you in Oslo.
Please get in contact with us to schedule a meeting.

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