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Our Head of Data Center Investments, Carl von Hessen, will be part of a panel discussion: Private Equity & M&A
When: 04th of  September 2023, 11.15 – 11.45 (CEST)

This session will focus on the following: as an institutional investment class, pricing for core data centres is becoming extremely competitive and many more investors are entering the space. Acquisitions and multiples – achieving up to 33x – have accelerated over the past three years. With funds closing billions of dollars, cash deals have been at the forefront of M&A activity. Owners of neutral, multi-tenanted data centre platforms, sometimes across several countries are well placed to leverage uptake by enterprises in the post pandemic period. And targeting enterprise and government customers, they may become targets themselves for, or drivers of, consolidation.

  • Do the current multiples add up? Are we likely to see even more stratospheric valuations?
  • Why primarily attracts investors to data centres?
  • Many of the acquisitions that have taken place are in the US and Europe. Which geographies do you see in the next phase of M&A?
  • Do you foresee multiples and values increasing further?
  • Is Edge the next big M&A play?
  • How do you evaluate risk in terms of the data centre as an asset class?
  • What are the key drivers of value in the sector?


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