Podcast: Greening data centers

The data center industry is known to be a power guzzler and is estimated to consume up to 2-3% of the world’s energy supply, although accurate estimates are hard to come by. How can data centers maximize sustainable performance and minimize environmental impact while providing enough capacity to meet rapidly growing global data demands?

While there are no linear formulas to address these challenges, there are many steps we can take together as an industry, and more importantly as people, to ensure that our actions are sustainable and considerate of our planet.

Using clean and renewable energy through highly efficient infrastructure is a great solution to reducing carbon pollution.

Stefanie Casall, our Director for Brand and Marketing, talks to Ciaran Flanagan, Global Head of Data Centers at Siemens, on the LCP Delta – Talking New Energy podcast, now available on Apple podcasts: Talking New Energy: Greening data centres on Apple Podcasts

Thank you for the invitation, the very interesting connections and talks.

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