Realising sustainable compute capacity for daily digital applications

In today’s business world, integrating ESG criteria is no longer a choice but an obligation. Sustainability is particularly relevant for the data centre industry which is characterised by a high power consumption.

In order to quantify the CO2e emissions that AQ Compute’s data centres save compared to conventional ones, a customised CO2-eq calculator has been established by AQ Compute.
This tool compares the carbon footprint of AQ Compute’s data centre AQ-OSL1 to data centres in eleven other European countries. 

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Carbon dioxide compensation – Greenwashing or a sustainable concept?

The conception of carbon certificates has created a new model of contributing to a CO2e reduction, by creating a financial instrument that allows private investors to access sustainability ecosystems. However, by turning carbon into a potentially lucrative economic model, how much of a tangible effect can carbon certificates have on the global reduction of CO2 emissions?

In this brief opinion piece, we look into the impact of the instrumentalization of carbon certificates and how the individual can contribute to the stabilisation of global warming.

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Battery storage: System stability and efficiency

One of the challenges of dealing with renewable energy sources is the frequency and availability of supply. It has been demonstrated that the availability of renewable energy can directly be impacted by seasonal changes – in essence, less photovoltaic power is generated on average in winter months.

How does battery storage help counter the seasonal energy deficits in a sustainable way? In this paper, we consider the stabilisation offered by batteries for the year-round availability of renewable power supplies.

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Data centres: Real Estate, Infrastructure or Tech? Does it matter?

In our world, data centres are as necessary of a basic provision as water and heat. However, data volumes are doubling at an exponential rate, meaning our industry has a higher responsibility than ever towards our clients and communities. With the various moving parts that constitute a data centre, it is important to look at the driving forces of growth of the data centre sector: How are data centres being built? How much power are data centres using? Is renewable energy an option?

As a statistically outperforming market which is spearheading the fourth industrial revolution, we investigate the viability of investing in the data centre industry as a long-term pillar of the world’s ongoing digitalisation.

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