AQ Compute and Stelia set new standard for AI-ready infrastructure


AQ Compute and Stelia set new standard for AI-ready infrastructure



Hamburg, 15 March 2024 – AQ Compute’s first data center AQ-OSL1 recently became operational in Hønefoss, near Oslo. Now, the Europe-based provider of colocation data centers and built-to-suit solutions collaborates with the London-based Network as a Service company Stelia. The company provides multi-terabit usage-based internet connectivity for accelerated compute environments, private and public clouds and colocation data centers. Together, AQ Compute and Stelia plan to enable the development of ultra high-performance computing (HPC) around the world and contribute to the massive growth that artificial intelligence and machine learning applications are bringing to the market.


Henry Daunert, CEO of AQ Compute: “The data center sector is the cornerstone to the growth of digitalization. The future relies on connectivity and bandwidth too; as such, we are privileged to announce our partnership with Stelia, an ultra-high bandwidth network service provider, enabling multi-terabit internet connectivity for accelerated compute environments. AQ Compute is developing a pan-European portfolio of state of the art, AI and cloud ready data centers to enable ultra high-performance computing (HPC) around the world and to support the massive growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. With AQ Compute´s high density compute capacities in combination with Stelia´s high bandwidth connectivity services, we aim to create the leading connected digital ecosystem for AI companies.”


Offering AI-ready, sustainable solutions for the future

 Since 2010, the number of internet users worldwide has more than doubled. Global internet traffic has increased 25-fold during that time. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing an increasingly big role and generate specific energy and connectivity demands – also potentially with significant implications for data center energy use in upcoming years. [Source] The requirements for data center providers hosting AI and machine learning models, which needs to have a resilient and dynamic network infrastructure, are highly distinct from those for regular data centers.

AQ Compute and Stelia have anticipated the need for this change and are creating targeted solutions for these growing markets.

The key advantages which AQ Compute and Stelia can offer their clients through the collaboration include:

  1. Customized solutions: Together, the companies are building data center ecosystems tailored to clients’ needs, with AQ Compute’s sustainable, high-quality colocation facilities and Stelia’s cloud-like Naas offerings.
  2. Future-proof connectivity: With AQ Compute´s high density compute capacities in combination with Stelia´s high bandwidth connectivity services, the companies create connected digital ecosystem for AI companies. The partnership aims to provide a resilient and dynamic network which is ready for the massive AI demands.
  3. Next level network capacity: Stelia’s scalable Naas infrastructure, starting at 120 Tbps per location, ensures clients’ AI projects run at high speed, backed by over 150 Tier 1 carriers and partners.


Dan Scarbrough, Chief Revenue Officer at Stelia, commented: “The data center environment is structurally transitioning to an AI-led world. It’s vital that innovative builders like AQ Compute and Stelia collaborate in strategic partnerships to offer AI service providers a new generation of foundational technologies. Our wholly owned private backbone will support connectivity for their first campus in Hønefoss, giving access to over 150 Tier 1 carriers, cloud providers, GPU service providers and IXPs at terabit speeds. Stelia will continue to accelerate the world’s best ideas with AQ Compute as they extend their data center platform to other cities.”


Jointly sponsoring NVIDIA GTC in San Jose

From 18-21 March, NVIDIA GTC, a global conference for accelerated compute professionals, is taking place in San Jose, California and brings together developers, engineers, researchers, inventors and IT experts. Focusing on topics like artificial intelligence, computer graphics, data science, machine learning and autonomous machines, the conference offers the ideal platform for AQ Compute and Stelia to connect and exchange with like-minded innovators and builders to delve into the latest technologies that are transforming industries, from accelerated computing to generative AI and beyond. Stelia and AQ Compute are located at booth 1825.


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AQ Compute Partners with NexGen Cloud to Deliver Net Zero AI Supercloud


AQ Compute Launches AI-Ready Data Center in Norway, Partners with NexGen Cloud to Deliver Net Zero AI Supercloud


HAMBURG/LONDON/OSLO – February 27, 2024 – AQ Compute, a provider of colocation data centers and built-to-suit solutions with a strong focus on sustainability, today announces the launch of its AI-ready data center in Norway and a partnership with NexGen Cloud, a sustainable GPU Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, to drive decarbonization in the IT sector and facilitate AI computing in Europe. AQ Compute’s inaugural facility, AQ-OSL1 in Hønefoss near Oslo, is designed to accommodate AI workloads and provide colocation services, serving as the backbone for NexGen Cloud’s operations. This collaboration underscores a commitment to sustainability and innovation in the data center industry.

Data centers are consuming increasing amounts of electricity worldwide, and the rapid growth of AI is expected to exacerbate the problem. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that data centers consume more than 1% of the world’s electricity, approximately 48.6 TWh, and emit as much CO2 as the commercial airline industry. The industry’s energy consumption could increase further from 85.4TWh to 134.0 TWh by 2027, driven by the high power requirements of AI applications. Some estimates suggest that the information and communications technology industry’s annual electricity demand could grow to 8,000 TWh by 2030, representing 20.9% of the projected total electricity demand [Source:].

AQ Compute can support NexGen Cloud’s AI workloads. To become AI-ready, AQ Compute incorporates ultra-high-density cooling coupled with heat capture through RDHX and direct liquid cooling, increasing the temperature the data center can run at and reducing cooling costs and water consumption. As a result, AQ Compute is able to run its ultra-high-density data centers more efficiently, minimizing the clients’ PUE and supporting their sustainability goals, enabling the deployment and growth of AI applications. Using water to remove the server’s heat, NexGen Cloud can improve its energy efficiency while wasting almost no water. The collaboration helps to achieve that NexGen Cloud’s $1 billion European AI supercloud will be net zero, planned with more than 20,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and providing enterprises with access to one of the world’s most powerful GPU-accelerated platforms.

“AQ Compute has set out to deliver sustainable and efficient solutions for the data center and colocation industry. Considering the growing importance of AI technology, we are excited to cooperate with NexGen Cloud to create a sustainable path for implementing this new technological advancement. We are proud to set an industry standard for AI-ready data centers by providing a modular and low-carbon design powered by clean energy. We will continue to lead the way to a highly efficient and environmentally sustainable data center industry and enable our clients to reduce their carbon footprint and implement the technologies of the future,” said Henry Daunert, CEO of AQ Compute.

Building process of AQ-OSL1

Located in Hønefoss, near Oslo, AQ-OSL1 offers accessibility and high-power availability. Despite its geographical location at the edge of Europe, Norway is increasingly moving to the center of European data traffic by expanding network connections. Access to power from renewable sources and a cool climate make Norway an ideal location for data centers. Due to the availability of clean energy, low electricity prices and cold cooling water, Norway is an attractive location for building large data centers, where 98% of the electricity is generated from renewable sources. As a result, Norway’s existing energy sector expertise can help it achieve a successful energy and climate transition.

AQ Compute and NexGen Cloud – AI-ready

NexGen Cloud will start with 6MW IT capacity, which can be extended to 14MW IT. The excess heat will be reused for the facility, equipment and neighboring plot. The data center is designed as an AI-ready and colocation data center with open space, flexible partitions, compartments, cabinets and private halls with an available IT area of approximately 1,700 m2. High power density blocks to liquid-cooling computing capacity are available. Its large plot size offers space for further data center buildings.

“The AI market is expected to grow expeditiously over the next 12 to 24 months and as such it is imperative to decarbonize as much of the data generated as possible,” said Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud. “By partnering with AQ Compute and housing the data created within our AI Supercloud in their data center in Norway, which is powered by renewable energy and cooled with water, we are not just innovating technologically, we are pioneering a sustainable shift in the way AI data is stored. We are not only the first to be doing this in Europe but hope to jointly set the industry standard at the same time.”



About NexGen Cloud

NexGen Cloud is a sustainable European cloud IaaS, specialising in building large-scale HPC and GPU infrastructure, commanding a global presence with a first-mover advantage in Europe. Since its inception in 2020, NexGen Cloud has built one of the largest GPU fleets on the continent, fortified by the ownership of the most in-demand chips in the world, including NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. NexGen Cloud is on a mission to democratise the accessibility of accelerated compute on a global scale by building a safer, greener, and more affordable cloud. The company’s vision is to become the world’s number one supplier of GPUaaS solutions through its cutting-edge platform, Hyperstack, whilst continuously supporting and expanding future technologies. All of NexGen Cloud’s solutions are built with the aim of tackling three of the main concerns in the current cloud market – cost, transparency, and accessibility.


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Andreas Myr CEO, AQ Compute Norway

We are pleased to announce Andreas Myr as the CEO of AQ Compute Norway

With over 19 years of experience in the data centre industry, Andreas Myr brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to AQ Compute. Prior to joining the company, Andreas Myr worked at Orange Business Services AS as Vice President for Datacenter Services, where he was responsible for the construction, sales and marketing of data centre services.

In his new position, Andreas Myr will focus on several key areas to further develop the colocation market in line with AQ Compute’s mission to provide modular, carbon-neutral data centre capacities and colocation services. He will lead the construction of AQ-OSL1 in Norway and ensure that the company builds the most sustainable data centre in the region. In addition, Andreas Myr will be responsible for developing and negotiating partner agreements and fostering strong collaborations to strengthen the company’s market position.

Please read the official press release in English and Norwegian.

Henry Daunert CEO, AQ Compute

We are pleased to announce Henry Daunert as the new CEO of AQ Compute

With immediate effect: Henry Daunert, the former CEO of OnValue, has previously served AQ Compute as Executive Vice President to support the development of a portfolio of Net Zero data centres in EMEA. Henry Daunert has a proven track record in the data centre industry since 1993 and due to his large network across Europe he is ideally positioned to lead AQ Compute’s further expansion.

In light of this new corporate structure, our previous CEO, Petter M. Tømmeraas, has decided to leave AQ Compute to pursue other opportunities outside of the company. He will stay on as a Special Advisor to the Board and CEO until the end of the year. We thank him for his valuable contribution in growing the company.

Please read the official press release to get more information of the new structure and the integration of the OnValue team.

Andreas Myr VP Sales Nordics, AQ Compute

We are delighted to have welcomed Andreas Myr as the Vice President Sales Nordics for the AQ Compute Team.

Andreas Myr will be responsible for initiating and developing new business opportunities in Scandinavian countries and driving the expansion of AQ Compute in Northern Europe.
With over 19 years of experience in the data centre industry, Andreas Myr brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to AQ Compute.

Welcome to the team!

Find out more in our press release.

Press conference with CBRE Spain

With the title Barcelona: Attracting business and strengthen sustainability with a green data centre campus our press conference took place together with CBRE Spain at their office in Barcelona.

We discussed our new data centre location from an economic point of view and highlighted its role for Barcelona and Catalonia.

Building a second data centre in Barcelona is a big milestone for AQ Compute and its partners. The focus continues to be on our sustainability approach and green line – to build our data centres truly green from beginning to end – and to create a recycled energy environment.

Many thanks to the Mayor of Cerdanyola del Vallès of Barcelona, Carlos Cordón, for his visit.

Strategic agreement with CBRE

AQ Compute and CBRE, two key players in the field of data centre operations, announce their strategic agreement with the aim of making AQ Compute a panEuropean leader in providing global clients with data centre services.
AQ Compute’s second data centre will be located in Barcelona. It will offer a capacity of 50 MW and is planned to be ready for operation by mid/end 2024. Further jointly operated sites across Europe are scheduled. All are planned to be supplied with 100 % renewable energy.
The data centres will satisfy the needs of hyperscalers, large enterprises and other organisations that require extensive computing capacity while meeting sustainability goals.

Please have a read on the press release.

What are the possible applications on waste heat?

Waste heat reuse has been proven to lower the overall CO2e emissions of a data centre and mustn’t be ignored as a key sustainability strategy. Heat reuse can also be a prime contributing factor to the optimisation of data centre efficiency.

However, there are currently some challenges in a complete deployment of a waste heat reuse program, which has led some operators around the world to greenwash the idea.

Datacenter Dynamics’ Peter Judge has included some of our comments on this topic, including our partnership with Cloud&Heat Technologies.

Please take a look: The Circular Economy Supplement.



Status-quo of the Norwegian data centre market

It has long been a plan of Norwegian municipalities to introduce more data centre investment into the region.
Our CEO, Petter M. Tømmeraas, who is also the President of the Norwegian Datacenter Industry, explains more about the data centre investment strategy for Norway.

The three main points of the strategy that gonna really attract the investment in Norway are:

  1. The cooperation between public and private sector.
  2. The cost efficiency of Norway due to the lower energy tax.
  3. The continued over production of energy.


Please take a look in the podcast with JSA.

Petter M. Tømmeraas CEO of AQ Compute

We are delighted to have welcomed Petter M. Tømmeraas as the CEO for the AQ Compute Team, driving the sustainable data centre initiative within this leg of Aquila Capital.
Petter’s extensive background in the data centre industry will be invaluable for our operation. Our collective alignment to sustainability goals will be a catalyst to our growth in this sector.

Please have a read on the press release.